Friday, 12 May 2017

help! stuck on island

One day I was on a jet with my friends’ Tata Kustas and Leone. Then out of nowhere another plane speeding like that plane was the flash and “boom” went the left wing of our jet we are going down we jump out of the jet with a pre shoot and then we landed on a island.

“how are we getting off this island” we are going to find somewhere to stay. At last we found somewhere to stay with food coconuts and fish because we are islanders so we know how to survive because “we were hungry that’s why wanted food and cook it” after we had a feed we went back to the jet we found reef to get off the island.   
But the reefs don’t work. We were heavy and thirsty. So we have to have seawater and fire to make water. We had an idea so we got wood and we made a boat and sailboat with flax and we got home with food we took coconuts and we escape the island it took weeks to come up with an idea.

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  1. hi I like your drawing it is so so cool. I dot like it I love it by by xxx