Tuesday, 22 March 2016

william short story

There was a superhero named Orbit and Fitbit they were superheros that lied in gotham city.
Orbit like saving people all around the city and fitbit likes doing the same as orbit.

One day their evil brother came to destroy orbit & fitbit, their evil brother name is
the moth it is a funny name for a villain. Orbit is the oldest brother and batman like orbit because he is the best superhero in the world, but fitbit was angry at orbit because he is the best.

The moth still went and destroyed orbit & fitbit, by using their weaknesses against them. Orbit has earth powers. Fitbit has rage powers. Orbits weakness is swimming, so the moth pushed orbit off the bridge to drown. Fitbit used his rage to pick orbit up, suddenly orbit used his earth powers to donk Moths head. Suddenly the moth was dreaming about the forest, and he saw a duck.
sawing through the air but the funny bit was the duck did a poo on the moth's head, DUN DUN DUN!.
                        THE END!

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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

william What were they thinking

Walt: think from the perspectives of others


Task Description:

Today I am learning how to solve problems that Mr Goodwin gives me.

Friday, 4 March 2016

williams three little pigs story

Once upon a time there was 3 little pigs who left the there home. ‘Just be carefull for the big bad wolf.So the 3 little left the nice home because it was to small for the 3 little pigs so they. 1st little pig built his house out of straw, the 2st pig built his house out of stick,and the 3th little pig built his house out of bribes so nobody can get in.Or boiling it down so the big bad wolf comes to the woods find the little pigs house and blow it down. So the big bad wolf went to the 1st little pig home he built.

Suddenly the big bad wolf came to blow the little pig home not on my hair of my chin chinchin
said the pig so am going’’ huff and puff and blow your house in.