Thursday, 10 December 2015

william made up dinosaurs

My made up dinosaurus is a deathosaurus and it half steel and half dinosaurs it name from it smoke and I cord deathosaurus. He can spite black smoke to other dinosaurs around him and it haves spike on it tail and back to protect himself he haves spike on it noes to because when runs fast he can eat him for dinner .

cross country

                                                      crossy country




William Dinosaurs from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

william Volcanologist



Volcanologist studies volcanos so it don’t blow up
sometimes a volcano is dormant or extinct and  
they take rocks for spools to the laboratory so their
can test the rock.
Volcanologist wears staffer gear to protect them of
the lava and heat so the volcanologist have to wear
heat resistance suit to keep them safe from the lava.
if you want to become a volcanologist you have  
to be fit  strong and brave to become a volcanologist.
you need to be fit and strong to be a volcanologist also  have to study hard to figure out problem and have sample for testing the rocks off the volcano.

Monday, 21 September 2015

william fireman David"s vist

On friday fireman David  told us all about firefighter and all about become a firefighter. Fireman david came to pt england school so he can tell as how to be safe  from the fire so they can protest as so we don’t get burnt from the fire and about fire safety and smoke alarm because when you are seeping in your bed that why you seed have a smoke alarm that would save your life in your fire and david . Been at the fire station  for 8 years as a firefighter he have night shift and day shift when he go to sleep he get money.

william job in the future is a singer

Screenshot 2015-09-21 at 9.52.45 AM.png

  In the future I want to be a

Decide which job you are going to write about.
Tell a buddy why you would want this job.
What would you have to do in this job?

what do a singer do?
I would like to be a singer because l want to be rich and famous so I can buy a ps4 and a house and buy gift for my mum and dad because l am giving gifts to my family so l can be kind. That's why you should be a singer so you can be a superstar to be rich and famous.
superstar to be rich and famous.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

william cross country

Last Monday Pt England had a cross country, we had to go to the beach and back to the school. I was nervous at the start because I wanted to beat my cousin kurtas because he is the fastest in the class room.  I came 9th but kurtas came 1st at the end we had some water I was first then we watched the big kids we had to cheer.  We ran around the cones it was long as and i was jogging it to the finish line and by the big park i sprint it to come 9th it was cool because we ran out the gates there was heaps of mud.

It went up our t-shirt there was mud on my back there was heaps of mud on my back it was good I was excited to race on the grass.

There was people on the grass, the big kids ran to the beach a boy was really muddy as the year 7&8 had to do 2 laps to the finish line in the goalpost was the finish line for the year 7&8.

Friday, 28 August 2015

william kiwi sport coachs


INTRODUCTION. (What is a Kiwisport coach?)


A kiwisport coach teaches  kids to learn strategies and skills for soccer like kicking the ball into the goal, 40 mins and confident in your  warm ups
so they can help as learn their sport and
teach as how to be fit and strong so we
could be good at sports.
A kiwi sport wears a cap and black shoes blue jacket
 and pants for their uniform and kiwi sport  
coach are bring their sport equipment for as kids
to learn their sport.
if you want to become a kiwi sport coach you
need to train a lot so you could be a kiwi sport coach
and you need to be knowledgeable about your sport.
A kiwisport coach have to be responsible coach so the kids can learn from you and they cooperate as a team if you don’t cooperate in a team you wood be boring coach and a coach needs a strategies in their games like  rugby soccer and UFC.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

William firefighter

Being a firefighter is a challenging job. You have to be fit and mentally strong.

What Do Firefighters Do?
Firefighters go around schools to help us know what to do in a fire problem. They teach us we have to get down low and we run outside and call 111 or 911. Firefighters also  rescued people if they are in a car crash. They save them if they are trapped in  the crash Call 111 or 911 in a car crash so there is a fire engine there on hand in case it blows up into flames.

What Do Firefighters Wear?
            Firefighter wear protective clothing
            so they don’t get burnt in fires.
            Firefighter wear special boots so
            their feet don’t get burnt or hurt.
What Are The Characteristics Of A Firefighter?
Firefighters have to train to be fit and strong. They have to do teamwork to extinguish fires  because it can make lot of smoke so the firefighter don’t breathe.  They need a breathing apparatus so the  firefighters don’t breathe poisonous gases or they would die of the gases.
A firefighter wears a helmet and a
         visors to protect their face from the
         hot flames coming to their eyes .
         A helmet protects your head from the
         wood so it doesn't burn your head
        your heart.  

Friday, 24 July 2015

william immersion assmbly

On Monday room 11 and 12 went to immersion assembly,

Team 1 went to the market to get some money and food then they had no more money. Team 1’ had a chocolate money scramble everyone’ tried to get some chocolate money. Some kids grabbed two chocolates and some kids had one.             

I liked team 2 because they had ice cream.  You had to answer the question then you get an ice cream.

Team 3 was all about jobs. When I grow up I want to be a rugby player and a fireman because it is cool. I like rugby because we get fit and strong.

Team 4 was my favourite because they are funny and Mr sassy was my favourite because he is so funny that he made Pt England school laugh and Ms Happy likes going to KFC then go Mr calm the last emotion  of the character and the character was Bob.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

William matariki

                        What Is Matariki?

On matariki day it is an important event for new zenland and for  matariki and.Important for a maori new year we Celebrate matariki with the 7 sisters.The moon is a new moon for matariki

One Story of the Origins of Matariki

is the God of the wind he threw his eyes up and Rangui the god of the sky.And the father saw Tawhirimatea threw his eyes up and there are the.7 sisters papatuanuku is the earth mother
She was looking and tawhirimatea was mad.And looked at ranginui the sky father he was mad at Ranginui

How To See Matariki

.On a afternoon late june there will be a sun.Rising down at the northeast horizon on Half an hour before dawn

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations

.On the end of the harvest the fish migration and preparation for year Ahead matariki is a time for remembra

Friday, 19 June 2015

the lighthouse

Hi on a hill above the village stood a lighthouse. lts beams of light were a warning for ships to stay away.There were treacherous rocks below. The people that lived in the village were celebrating.The lighthouse keeper was an old solitary man, suddenly he heard an unusual clunking noise up at the top of the lighthouse. He gathered his tool box and his lamp then he ran up to the stairs to see what the noise was. The lighthouse plunge into darkness, the man felt afraid. So he opened the door and reach his army out then he closes the litter door suddenly a blast of a boat’s horn heading towards the treacherous headland.’Oh no! he thought.Felt terrified struggled to lift the enormous lamp stumbled backwards tripped over his toolbox. Lamp shattered into thousands of pieces oh’ no! it all my fault he run down to catch a bath came up with a solution! As he peered out his front door villagers had the same idea whole village was marching toward the lighthouse. Carrying their lanterns in hand stood on the edge of the headland warned the ship away from the rocks loud blast from the boa’s horn as if it was saying “thank you.”.

Friday, 5 June 2015

The switch

A man was walking around and he saw crumbs on his brand new tie.Suddenly                         a box came out of no where and  hit him on the head! he gave an almighty kick and saw a shiny box. He try to push the shiny box. He clam on the shiny box and saw tower of boxes he clam on the boxes and he  jumped of the boxes and land on his back!He saw a red button and he push the red button then the shiny box sucked his tie.He try to pool  his tie out then his shoes got sucked in he try to pool his shoes out suddenly the man got sucked in to the shiny. Box man was a box full of ties then box turn into a white bake box.    

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Big Surprise

why were the older girls worried.
why were the girls happy.
why did grandma ring in a rash.

We had to create questions about
our book

Friday, 1 May 2015


On a cold April morning before the sun rises every year across Australia and New Zealand thousands of people gather around monuments to show respect and remember the soldiers who died in ww1. 
The dawn parade is held on April 25th ANZAC day as this is the day ANZAC troops were fighting in Gallipoli. 
Someone plays on the bugle and plays the last post when the soldiers march. The soldiers lays a wreath of poppies.

lmmersion assembly

Yesterday on a cold morning Pt England school had an immersion assembly in the school
hall. We were going to discover what we will be learning about this term. Room 11 and 12

walked nicely in a line to the hall.Mr Barks have a leaf blower an hovercraft Mr Somerville zoom across the stage.Mr Baxendile was trying to decide what he could do on a rainy day.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Pt england school went down to have a picnic at the beach. my friends are playing on the  
park after swimming.

My favourite activity is playing with clay.  The cary is very sticke and i like find crabs

I like playing on the park with my friends and we like playing cricket to.

Cricket is very hard because we have to run two times and we might get out.

Paragraph 4: Conclusion
How you felt about the picnic,

I felt very happy