Wednesday, 21 September 2016

to space bro's

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To brother on the moon space bro’s
         By william
“Have you been on the moon in space? well you are going to see what is going to be on the moon with my brother. My name is Max, and i am going to the moon with my brother. His name is Mack. Mack is 26 years old, and i am 22 years old. I am scared of aliens . but mack said there are no aliens on the moon. Me and my brother want to play soccer on the moon.

One day we and my brother mack was setting off to the moon. We are going to the moon so we can play soccer on the moon. To put the american flag on the moon, when we are playing soccer . We are going to nasa to go on a rocket, and set off to the moon. If me and my brother is going to get paid money. We said it must go to plan. It wasn't going to plan.

When me and my brother do it we are going to get paid. Or get sponsored by nasa and be a astronaut, that is to hard to be an astronaut it is so hard, you need to stade to be an astronaut. But we are just getting paid to do this but not playing soccer on the moon. We are just going to put the flap on to. But one problem max is scared of aliens on the moon. It is going to be hard for max.

We are going to set off to the moon. It is going to be scary for max. He is scared of aliens on the moon. We are just at nasa get to see are rocket, area rocket is really big. It is huge to see, it is one of the oldest rocket in the world,  it is 34 years old you can see of the rast on it. Do you think it can go at this age.

We are going off now it is cool in a spaceship with my brother. We are on the count down blastoff!!!, we are going straight ahead to the sky. We were going so fast we closed our eyes we can see the sun so we may be close to the moon. Their we see it the moon we can see it was shinny to see  in real life . finally we are on the moon to put the america’s flap on the moon
Alb\d play soccer on the moon.

When  we got the america’s flap to put on the moon. Then we got are soccer ball out of the spaceship to play some soccer on the moon. Suddenly max heard something in this hole in the moon. Max said it may be a aliens making that noise. The alien run and took the ball and run with it.  Then max was running to get the ball off the alien he is not scared anymore but the alien run into his hole. We can’t get it now it is in it hole we can’t get it, we have to go down an get it. There is no choice to get it.

Suddenly the alien came out of it hole and gave they ball back to them  when we were going back to the ship. But he gave it back to me so we went to go home.

       The end

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